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Neurofeedback is a type of biofeedback in which brain activity changes are measured in real time and then presented to the participant. Feedback information is crucial for learning, and neurofeedback makes information about brain activity accessible to our consciousness. With the help of the feedback signal, participants can learn voluntary control over their own brain activity, which has been shown to change perception, behavior, and emotion.


Neurofeedback can also be used as a therapeutic tool, whereby patients can learn to normalize dysfunctional patterns of brain activity that are associated with their disorder. Neurofeedback is non-invasive and safe, can be personalized to the individual needs of each patient, can be combined with conventional therapeutic approaches, combines biological as well as psychological factors, and focuses on a fundamental human capacity: our ability to learn.


For more information, please read this recently published review article.



These pages aim at promoting research on neurofeedback. We therefore provide a timeline of publications in the field of neurofeedback, links to available software to carry out neurofeedback studies, and illustrations, educational videos, as well as animations for use in talks and lectures. We are also using this platform for carrying out an ongoing meta-analysis that investigates how learning with neurofeedback is accomplished.


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